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Tree Agate || Dendritic Agate || Healing of the Earth || Abundance

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"This mineral enhances ones gentleness and encourages one to walk lightly through the gardens of life, taking time to enjoy each moment. 

It has been used to help one to remain as a directed energy during situations of discordant and/or dis-orienting confusion. It further assists one in maintaining the centering of the self in all situations. It is used to assist one in connecting to the natural states of the universe and to enhance communication between ones intellectual world and the plant kingdom. 

It is a "stone to help in the healing of Earth", stabilizing the center and energy vortices, and stimulating a peacefulness within the structure of the inner environment. 

It also both opens and activates the chakras, maintaining the opening to accept and integrate the energy of the higher consciousness, as this consciousness melds with the Inner Self. 

It is a "stone of plentitude", providing abundance and fullness in ones life. It was used in ancient Greece to produce bountiful and plentiful crops, and is conducive to generous yields in both business and agricultural pursuits."

This listing is for ONE crystal that we select for you intuitively.

MELODY - Love is in the Earth Mineral Encyclopedia  ( pg 64-5)