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Tiger Eye Tumble || Strength || Red, Gold, Blue

Tiger Eye Tumble || Strength || Red, Gold, Blue

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"This mineral brings together the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun and Earth. It combines sharpness and grounding, and it practical in its sphere of concern, resonating to the frequencies of the Earth, encouraging stability with dynamic beauty. 

The vibration is conducive to peacefulness and further stimulates the actions which are required in order for one to advance the encounters with others during the "traveling" meditative state. 

Tiger eye is helpful for individuals seeking clarity and for those who must deal intelligently with the scattered details which must be brought together in some pattern. 

It can be used to enhance the psychic abilities and can assist in gentle attunement of third-eye activity - this stone being best adapted to "earthy" people. "

MELODY - Love is in the Earth Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia (pg 796)