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Sparkly/Silver Double Sided Rainbow Tourmaline Locket (Necklace Options)

Sparkly/Silver Double Sided Rainbow Tourmaline Locket (Necklace Options)

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Glittery on one side and silver sheen on the other, this gorgeous glass locket holds multiple colors of the stone, Tourmaline. The crystals fill 75% or more of the locket allowing them to sparkle and move freely. The crystals can be seen on both the front and back of the treasure locket. The locket itself measures 1" round.
The locket itself can be unscrewed to change out the stones, if desired.

Basic talents the tourmaline possesses (regardless of its color) includes promoting inspiration and happiness, reducing fear, and building self-confidence. It also balances yin-yang energies, the aura, and the yin/yang. It also helps bridge physical with the spiritual. It is a "teller" stone, pointing to the "good direction" for the holder. 

Tourmalines, in general, are excellent tools for energizing and balancing the chakras.

Pink Tourmaline:

(Dark Pink) Root chakra healer. Offers vitality to the physical body. Promotes joy and love.

(Light Pink) Excellent for the heart/crown chakra. Love. Holistic Healing. 

Green Tourmaline: Opens the heart chakra, allowing it to perceive what the third eye visualizes. Teaches compassion. A must-have stone for the herbalist or anyone who works with plants. Attracts success and abundance. 

Yellow Tourmaline: Solar plexus, employment

Blue Tourmaline: Throat Chakra and the disorders associated with this chakra.