Singing Quartz Crystal Point Set (Set of 2 crystals ) || Inclusion || Rainbow || Clear & Smokey

Singing Quartz Crystal Point Set (Set of 2 crystals ) || Inclusion || Rainbow || Clear & Smokey

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These natural quartz points put off a sweet resonance "singing" when gently allowed to touch one another. 

Some of them have rainbows, or inclusions, but mostly they are clear quartz, light smokey, or milky quartz crystal. They may have barnacle configurations, keys, bridges, twin quartz or other configurations. 

Singing Quartz are said to be imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe, resonating the high pitched Om vibration when two Singing Quartz crystals are gently brought together.

Singing Quartz provide a gateway to extra-ordinary communication with vibrational consciousness when used in meditation.

Singing Quartz instils a sense of happiness and acceptance of ones place in the here and now.

Your set of crystals will be intuitively selected just for you. 

These crystals are wonderful for body work, crystal grids, offerings to friends or nature. They are said to be wonderful for working with ET (EBE) Alien energies. They further other-world analytical contact. They also emit an "OM" energy. They break up energy blocks and assist in clairaudience and clairsentience. They are also said to assist in Mother Earth/cosmic star healing. 

Quartz is a Master Healer stone. It is an excellent all purpose crystal healer stone. It is said to amplify healing energy and is used to perform diagnostic healing. These stones are wonderful additions to grids or for meditation.

The crystals range in size from 2"-3.75" long.

We will do our best to send you crystals approximately the same size. 

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