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Shiva Lingham || Stone of Kundalini ||

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"This formation is a "stone of Kundalini", and is defined in Eastern Indian philosophy to be the sleeping serpent which rests at the base of the spine, dwelling deep within the confines of ones being. It serves to activate the movement of the sacred energy which is slumbering within the self, so that one may comprehend the profound mysteries of enlightenment which lead one to spiritual consciousness and to the actualization of perfection. Utilization of the formation provides for the upward movement of a concentration of energy, which stimulates and opens each chakra during the successive progression.

The "lingham" stimulates the conduction of the energies of the body into a subtle channel which traverses the interior of the spine, awakening each of the major energy centers on the path to the crown chakra. As each major energy center is awakened, the energy flow emanates through the body, additionally activating the minor chakras. 

The lingham is auspicious for construction and for conquest, and has been used to balance the male qualities based upon the emotions and the "yang".

This listing is for ONE Lingham stone that we intuitively select for you. 

Information taken from MELODY - Love is in the Earth Mineral Encyclopedia (pg 442-3)