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Self-care Breast Massage oil (Crystal Grid and color charged, Reiki infused)

Self-care Breast Massage oil (Crystal Grid and color charged, Reiki infused)

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At Moon Magick Crystals & Herbs, our mission is to promote loving self-care for women. We do our best to provide the tools, information, and assurance that loving yourself and taking care of your physical form, emotional body, and spiritual health is essential for complete self wellness.

“Your breasts are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body as a woman. Show them a little love with a weekly self massage session, and they will love you in return!”

There are many benefits of regular breast massage, including firmer breasts and balanced hormones, which contributes to enhanced overall breast health.

Studies show that women who wear bras for prolonged periods of time (12 hours or more a day) have a far higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who wear bras for shorter periods of time. This risk is reduced if a woman wears a bra less than 12 hours a day.

However, many women do not want to go without a bra, so what can they do?

They can treat their breasts to a weekly self massage session!

Women find that this massage reduces breast pain, breast swelling, PMS breast symptoms, cystic issues, calcification and even fear of breast cancer. That seems like a better, more friendly way to "get to know your girls."

Toxic Buildup in Breast Tissue

The breasts consist of fat and glands mounted by a very delicate system of ligaments.

“The huge network of arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels circulate blood flow, life giving oxygen, and anti-life toxins through the breasts as they do throughout the rest of the body.”

Several studies suggest that constant pressure from a bra may flatten and adversely affect the lymphatic vessels.

The lymphatic vessels in the breast are designed to remove accumulated toxins from the fluid that flows from the breast cells, and into the blood and body. When a lymph vessel is flattened, usually due to prolonged use of bras, the toxins cannot flow naturally.

This eventually leads to a build up of toxins that can cause breast changes and an increased risk of developing breast cancer, among other health issues.

A massage therapist works on breasts by lightly stretching the lymph vessel walls, which beautifully encourages lymph drainage.

This is also something that you can do yourself.

“When applying oil to the breast do so in circular movements, going from the center of the chest towards the underarm area, using light pressure (about as much pressure as you would to massage your eyelid).”

Step #1: Finger Stroke

Starting at the nipple, use your fingers to make slow, smooth strokes away from the nipple in all directions.

This is the first step, and should never be skipped.

Step #2: Hand Massage

Once the breast is covered with oil, gently knead it by lifting with both hands from the chest and pressing very delicately.

“In addition, with both hands (thumbs above the nipple and forefingers below), carefully twist the breast in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.”

Note: If you are planning to do at home breast massage, get a book on the subject, or research online for visual instructions.

Step #3: Compression

The last step is a cooling down massage: smooth and stroke the breast with fingertips starting at nipples and going out.

“This will cause compression and encourage the lymph and other fluids to move out of the breast.”

Follow these same exact steps for both breasts, then drink lots of water afterwards, to help flush the fluids from your system.

The first breast massage may be painful, but after a few sessions, you will adjust to it over time.

“Remember, it is important to use minimal pressure during a breast massage. If someone else is doing the massage, be sure to speak up if they are using pressure that is too hard.”

Your breasts are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body as a woman. They are your primal centers of feelings, emotions, nourishment and love. Show them a little love with a weekly self massage session, and they will love you in return!

Why should you choose our oil?

Our Breast massage oil is lovingly created from wild-crafted evergreens found in the SC mountains. We infuse those evergreens into an olive oil base for six weeks. Once that infused process is finished, we take that oil and we blend it together ten organic herbs that are known to cleanse and balance delicate breast tissue. This process takes another six weeks to finish completion. Once we strain out the herbs, we place the finished oil into a green or pink glass jar to infuse it with color therapy for the heart chakra/breast area. The oil is placed into the center of a crystal grid of sacred geometry and infused with Reiki energy. Each of the crystals in the grid are known to cleanse, clear, and balance out the heart and chest area. Once the oil is bottled into their individual containers, we use vibration and sound therapy to balance and align the frequencies of the oil. Our final step is to bless and seal the vibrations of all the separate processes, so that it retains the healing frequencies for as long as you use your oil.

The oil is safe to use as often as possible, but we recommend using it once a week to keep your lymph system in check. We never use essential oils or perfumes in our breast massage oil. We keep it natural, and we don't recommend using essential oils around delicate breast tissue. Our oils come to you with only the scent of the herbs from which the oil was crafted from.

You matter <3 Take care of your precious body.

Info shared from MyTinySecrets and BreastHealthProject.com

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