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Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Crystal || Anyolite || Stone of Nobility and Energy Transfer

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"Ruby Zoisite, aka Anyolite, increases awareness of individuality while allowing one to maintain an empathetic connection to humanity. It strengthens contat with etheric bodies and stimulates the crown, heart, and base chakras. The crown chakra furthers spirituality, the heart chakra towards unconditional love, and the base chakra towards survival. 

All psychic abilities are stimulated and amplified via use of this stone. Simply having anyolite (ruby zoisite) in the home increases psychic abilities. It has been known to assist in altered states of consciousness. Anyolite amplifies the entire energy field of the body, giving a highly visual appearance of the aura. It assists in furthering "aura sight" , magnifying the aura's intensity so that it may been more readily seen. 

Information from Melody Love Is In the Earth - The Crystal Encyclopedia - pg 108)