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Rhyolite || Rainforest Jasper || Chiron || Change || Problem Solving

Rhyolite || Rainforest Jasper || Chiron || Change || Problem Solving

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"Rhyolite can assist one to live with intention, to "walk to the edge", to make selections with no regret, and to continue to learn. It also promotes circumstances for the promotion of wholeness, such that they may share knowledge. 

Expertise can be joyfully shared, and one may utilize ones skills to the best of ones ability and integrity, suspending all judgments and expectations. 

Green rhyolite has also stimulated insight to more creative ways of expressing difficult things (problems, solutions, anxieties, etc.) The mineral also assists one to look at ones relationship to change, and to further evaluate that relationship, instead of looking at, and evaluating, the change itself. With this insight and energy, one can more easily determine the basis for change and exactly what that change will bring to ones path. 

Green rhyolite brings the energy of Chiron which supports a new purpose to ones life. It acts to rid the self of the burdens which no longer serve this new life, bringing an energy of renewal and original thinking which will lead one to the "new". It dispels procrastination and deferral of ones responsibilities by eliminating distractions. 

Lastly, Green Rhyolite has acted to stimulate the optimum levels of well-being within the body, and to calm the animal kingdom."

(MELODY Love is the Earth Encyclopedia - pages 694-695)

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