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Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

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These gorgeous palm stones come to us from India. They weigh approximately 4.5 oz (118 grams) and measure approximately 2.5" x 2". 

This listing is for ONE palm stone which we will intuitively choose for you. 

"Rainbow Moonstone assists in carrying rainbows into ones life . The energy assists one in the perpetual realization that humanitarianism and love are ever present in ones life. It brings the white light of healing and perfection and the multi-colors of the spectrum for activating each of the corresponding chakras. The mineral contains within itself the mirror to all cycles, operating at differing levels of reality, which one has or will experience, and allows for the flow of life-information and life-movement to the user. One may access that which "has been" and that which "will become" with respect to ones personal lives. It presents to one the concepts of perpetual movement and energetic relationships in the unfolding of ones personal "Great Plan." 

Rainbow Moonstone assists one in recognizing the difference between "seen" phenomena and those which are "unseen" or of another nature. It promotes coherence in "reading" symbology which is presented and furthers the use of rigor in building correspondences with ones frame of reality reference. It is a remarkable symbolic instrument for deciphering "the world" and for promoting contact with the higher self. " (Melody -Love is in the Earth Mineral Encyclopedia {484})