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Pretty in Pink Rose Quartz Sacred Yoni Egg (Some With Rainbows) Crystal Healing for Women

Pretty in Pink Rose Quartz Sacred Yoni Egg (Some With Rainbows) Crystal Healing for Women

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Goddess Rose Quartz Yoni Egg (Medium Size) Pretty in Pink - Some eggs have small rainbows in them

These eggs have come to us straight from Tucson Rock Show 2017

Rose quartz is a Love stone and helps us to radiate a loving energy within and without. It supports feelings of self worth, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, and can assist the womb in healing. Our womb and yoni (vagina) are sacred places, which need to be honored, not just by others, but by us as women ourselves. It is time we started taking care of ourselves, and our precious bodies. Our yoni centers hold our wisdom, our power and the all-powerful ability to give life! How amazing are we?

Size- (2" x 1.5")

These eggs are specially designed for pelvic and vaginal health. Benefits include enhanced sexual pleasure, greater natural lubrication, lower urination needs, and core/ abdominal muscle development. They can also be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, with exercises such as kegels, that tone the vagina muscles.

Our eggs are NOT drilled for cleanliness and safety. Our stones are genuine and natural, so they will have slight color and design variations. Each egg is the same high quality as you have come to expect from us at Moon Magick Crystals and Herbs.

When first starting out using a Yoni egg, it is best to start with a larger egg, especially if you've had children and/or are experiencing weaker pelvic muscles.

With your Yoni Egg purchase, you will also receive a pretty satin bag, embroidered with our Moon Magick Crystals Logo to store your egg in.

Gemstones are raw and natural, and scratches and nicks are common and normal. These eggs do not take the place of any medical treatment or are meant to diagnose any female health issues. They are simply a tool to aid in feminine health and are meant for that purpose.

The egg can be cleansed, charged and programmed. Wash thoroughly before and after use. Next you need to cleanse it of other energies it may have come into contact with and charge it. Any of the following methods can be used to cleanse and charge any crystal.

Leave your egg covered in sea salt over night, leave it in the moonlight for a couple of nights or smudge it with a sage stick. Note: Leaving delicate rose quartz in the sun will not harm the stone, but it will fade the pink color over time.
Once your yoni egg is charged you can set your intentions upon it as to what you would like the crystal to help you with. The egg can be inserted at night to energize or to aid healing of your sacred space helping you let go of emotional and physical trauma you may have suffered.

Wash thoroughly before and after use.

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