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Shungite Water Bottle || EMF Protection || Healing || Ancient Stone

Shungite Water Bottle || EMF Protection || Healing || Ancient Stone

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Shungite is excellent for cleansing, clearing, and protecting. It is an ancient energy that also protects againsts EMF's and harmful frequencies. Shungite is also helpful as a water cleanser.

We are excited to announce that we are accepting orders on the new Shungite Water Bottles. Each bottle has a separate compartment for your shungite stones and water. This keeps any minerals out of direct contact with your water and ensures that your water stays pure and clean. By having a separate container you receive the vibrational signature of the stone, but you have no chance of accidentally ingesting foreign minerals that may make up some of the stones composition. The compartment does unscrew so that the stones may be changed out. 

We have four different varieties of shungite bottle. Please see details below (and we will be updating with more information shortly)

*Glass Shungite Bottle (Tumbled stones) with Shungite Water Logo
*Glass Shungite Bottle (Elite Shungite) with Shungite Water Logo

(These bottles hold approx. 1.5 cups of water and 135-140 grams of Shungite)

*Tall Glass Shungite Bottle (Tumbled Stones) No Logo
*Tall Glass Shungite Bottle (Elite Shungite) No Logo

(These bottles hold approx. 2 cups of water and 100 grams of Shungite)

Each bottle comes with it's own neoprene protective sleeve to keep your investment protected. These are a brand new item to the market, and we are excited for you to receive one of your very own.

Shungite is a very rare and powerful healing stone. This miracle stone is unmatched in its ability to cure, rescue, purify, heal, protect, normalize and restore the user’s body and personal space.

Shungite is about 2 billion years old.

Because of its healing and antibacterial properties it has been named “The Stone of Life”.

 Shungite is quite unique.  Its deposits were discovered and exist only in the Karelia region of Russia, near the small settlement called Shunga, in just a single location on the shores of Lake Onega.  The first Russian resort, “Marsial Waters”- located in the Karelia area- used the water that flowed through Shungite deposits to heal various illnesses such as heart disease, allergies, skin diseases, gynecological problems, arthritis, and other.

 In Russia, the benefits of Shungite have been public knowledge for several hundred years. During the Battle of Poltava between Russian and Swedish armies, Peter the Great ordered Russian soldiers to carry Shungite stones in their backpack for the “gut protection”.They were able to avoid dysentery and other major infections, because the Shungite purified their water. The term “gut protection” had another meaning as well; Shungite also balances the energy field of the person who carries it.

Shungite is an aesthetically beautiful stone, but its healing benefits far surpass its surfaces level appeal in importance- especially for those of us struggling with the stress and poor ecological conditions of this modern age. Shungite has the ability to stimulate cellular regeneration, to restore vitality, relieve headaches, normalize sleep, increase sexual energy, and improve general energy levels. Its additional physical benefits include immune system support, increased hair growth, pain relief, and free-radical protection- due to its high antioxidant content.

As well as its many physical benefits, Shungite offers some very important metaphysical healing. It is used primarily in crystal healing, as protection against electromagnetic radiation and negative energies.

Benefits of Shungite have been studied and proved by scientist of Saint-Petersburg Military Medical Academy as well as many other researchers around the world.