Pink Botswana Agate || Brazil || Tumbled Crystals

Pink Botswana Agate || Brazil || Tumbled Crystals

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"Botswana Agate can be used to stimulate the exploration of the unknown and to further ones quest toward the enlightened state. It can enhance creativity and helps one to release the emotional nuances which have been repressed. It allows one to look toward the solution, rather than to dwell upon the problem, and to find the root cause which will promote clarity in the solution and/or solutions presented. 

Botswana agate stimulates the crown chakra and energizes the auric body, encouraging eternal love and allowing for the recognition that eternal love is a constant in the ever changing universe. 

It also encourages conscientiousness and vigilance in tasks and helps one to maintain an ever-present watchfulness during the activities requiring circumspection, deliberation, and/or vigilance. 

It helps one to maintain a forthright character and to sustain an attentiveness to detail which further facilitates the sensitivity to, and the recognition and the understanding of, the complete picture (regardless of distortion). Botswana Agate has been used in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system and to help rid the body of toxins. It is said to counteract poisoning on the physical, emotional, and intellectual planes. It has also been used to ameliorate depression and stress." 

(MELODY - Love is in the Earth The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia The Liite Fantastic and The Last Testament - Pg 62)

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