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Magical Angel Aura Rainbow Spirit Quartz || High Vibrational || Amplifier ||

Magical Angel Aura Rainbow Spirit Quartz || High Vibrational || Amplifier ||

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This listing is for ONE aura spirit quartz. 

Weight: 1.25 oz (31 grams) to 2.25 oz (66 grams)

Measurement Approx. : 1.5" x 1" to 2.25" x 1.75" 

Aura Quartz is quartz that has been bonded with the microns (or atoms) of precious metals. It shimmers and sparkles all colours of the rainbow as the crystal is moved under light in different directions. Angel Aura has a sweet, high, pure vibration that enables us to connect to other realms and higher energies. It raises our vibrations up when we use it or wear it as jewelry. Angel Aura also brings a calm, quietly confident feeling of inner peace and knowing. It allows our mind to let go during meditation or when undertaking spiritual practices so we can truly connect to the Universe and receive relevant information. 

The quartz is placed in a vacuum chamber, the air is then removed and microns (tiny particles) of a pure precious metal, or sometimes a mixture of precious metals, is puffed into the vacuum chamber. This settles onto the quartz and a bonding process takes place, permanently bonding the microns to the quartz. This bonding cannot be removed, nor does it peel off (as silver plating might). The only way of removing it would be to smash the top layer off the crystal. Each metal produces a different color. It brings together the vibration of quartz and metal. Together, they create a vibrational frequency that isn’t available in nature ~ and this frequency is beautiful! Its a high vibration and a stimulating one. Quartz amplifies and expands the energy around it, whilst metals tend to banish or clear any negative energies when they are combined with quartz. I have found negative energies simply dissolve when working with any of the Aura Quartzes ~ they stay focused firmly on the positive

Angel Aura Quartz usually exhibits a silvery, rainbow, and light blue radiance that resembles the delicate wings of an angel! This crystal is also often called Pearl Aura, Opal Aura, and Rainbow Aura.

This crystal can be used in meditation to provide insights to family and/or community problems. It is also estimable for those employed by organizations that assist others (e.g. teachers, hospitals, etc.); the energy helps to stimulate a group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. It also assists in bringing the “group” energy of other crystals to the surrounding environment, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. The crystal is a wonderful companion when one is experiencing the loss of a loved one, bringing understanding of the process and assisting in transition (for both). 

It has also been used via placement in the center of a group, while the group is involved in healing or spiritual issues, in order to facilitate the connection with the energy between all members. It is quite useful in healing configurations (see “Love Is In The Earth-Laying-On–Of-Stones”), to generate the abundance of energy available. 

SPIRIT QUARTZ has also been used to increase both physical and intellectual fertility. 

It appears that the energy generated by SPIRIT QUARTZ is directly proportional to the number of crystals which overlay the single (or multiple) crystal (s). 

It has also been used to activate and to cleanse other minerals, to enhance and to increase the energy of other minerals, and to activate the properties of same. It has also been used to enhance the energy transfer of other minerals to stimulate healing on all levels.. It can also be used to stimulate the manifestation of “abundance” in ones life (abundance in the sense of “more” of something-directing the energy of the SPIRIT QUARTZ toward that which is desired has been shown to facilitate an increase in that which is manifested). 

The energy is multi-functional; energy moves outward in many directions, and this quartz structure has the capacity to draw or to transmit energy through the many paths provided by the crystals covering the main structures. It is quite useful for energy magnification and for stimulating all portions of the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and subtle bodies – with this mineral, the stimulation which occurs is both understood, and is focussed with an advanced energy of discernment and awareness. It has been used to cleanse the chakras, and to supplant any voids and/or any negative energies which are contained, with positive radiant white light. 

This crystal has also been used to rectify localized energy disturbances. It acts to dissipate the disturbance and to replace any disorganized energy with a stable, reliable energy which discourages further disorder. 

SPIRIT QUARTZ has been used for astral projection and for dreaming– place one or more under your pillow at night can increase and intensify the dream state. These crystals are also excellent for use in meditation. 

SPIRIT QUARTZ can also be used to assist in providing one protection from mental and physical harm, and to assist one in maintaining a field of protection. 

It symbolizes patience and perseverance; this is quite important during healing situations. 

In addition, SPIRIT QUARTZ has been used to move sickness from the body to a location which transforms the disorder from negativity to positive energy [i.e. the location is pre-determined and is, for example, a black hole which is filled with white light.] The process includes working with the crystal similarly to working with a laser wand – using spiral rotation and pulling the sickness from the body. 

It has also been used to elevate ones sense of self-worth, and to relieve one of difficult memories from the past – the “ridding” is such that the memory is there and shows the positive benefit derived from the experience; the memory, however, is not foremost in the mind, and, hence, the focus is directed to the positive. (E.g. karmic connections have been determined with respect to events which ones occurred in ones life}. 

SPIRIT QUARTZ has also been used to facilitate ascension, providing for a viewing of ones life on this plane [during this lifetime]. It can be used during “re-birthing” sessions to enhance ones understanding of both the blockages which are removed and the reasons for which they existed.