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Leopard Skin Jasper || Pink || Orbicular Jasper

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Pink Leopard Skin Jasper is an orbicular jasper meaning it contains the markings of many small circles, and can be used to support pursuits based upon service. 

It has been used to elevate ones mood, to make the path to a goal straight and easy, and to further assist one in undertaking that which is more difficult than usual. 

This stone also brings "energy of the leopard" as a totem.

This form of jasper helps one to accept responsibility and to increase the attribute of patience. 

It has been used to facilitate continuity in circular breathing during healing and/or meditative states. 

It has been used to affect nutritional stabilization within the body, to improve the digestive process and related organs, and to assist in the elimination of toxins leading to decrease of disease. 

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