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Lady Balm Self-Care Salve for Women 2oz

Lady Balm Self-Care Salve for Women 2oz

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As women, we moisturize our hair, our face, our skin, our lips, but how many of us take the time to care for the skin in our most intimate areas? Isn't it time we took better care of ourselves?

Our Lady Balm is a hand-crafted herbal soothing balm that cares for and moisturizes your delicate vaginal skin. Use as little or as often as needed. It can also be used on breasts and other areas.

Our product is ideal for women of any age and lifestyle. The delicate blend of natural herbs helps plump, restore, protect, calm and heal, and it is ideal for daily care of your most sensitive areas. Apply after a shower, before bed at night, or anytime you need a little extra care.

We only use sustainable, chemical free herbs from a US company.

Our beeswax is natural, safe, and sourced from US beekeepers.
There are no heavy metals or lead in our wax. We do not use beeswax from China.

Our only ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, a delicate blend of herbs and flowers, and Vitamin E.

This listing is for a 2oz size of our product. They make great gifts for yourself, for your bridesmaids, or to hand off to someone you love.

**Remember ladies, oil and latex don't mix**

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