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Golden Healer Girasol Quartz || Multiple Sizes || Multi Layered Veil - Medium Tumble

Golden Healer Girasol Quartz || Multiple Sizes || Multi Layered Veil

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Golden Healer Girasol Multi-Layered Quartz Pebble

Girasol comes from the Italian word "girasole", which means "Turn to the Sun." This crystals milky white opalescence appears to scatter light throughout it's center.   

Girasol is also known as various types of opal though it is not an opal at all, is a stone of gentle but powerful energy. It can enhance and mirror feelings. This makes it excellent for visualization, imagination, dreamwork, and guided direction of energy. Girasol enhances communication skills including freely speaking thoughts you've been holding back. Girasol encourages and enhances creativity in the artistic and practical areas. It is also a powerful healing stone that works in a strong but gentle way to enhance healing on all levels.

Golden Healer Girasol Quartz are wonderful for spiritual or energetic work, such as Reiki, and are wonderful stones to help one evolve personally. The name "golden healer" is a term for minerals colored by iron oxides, that give the crystal a yellow or brown tint.

The Golden Healer is a powerful healer as it allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra. The energy then spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing.

The Golden Ray energy of the Golden Healer may represent the Divine Spirit, Source and Creation. A Master Healer, the Golden Healer is of the highest vibration. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle and soothing.

Golden Healers can be used to raise the holder’s energy vibration or frequency, which will facilitate spiritual communications over a long distance, including between worlds and dimensions.

Hold a Golden Healer when meditating to connect with Source energy and to reconnect with the “One”. Place a Golden Healer cluster under a healing or massage table to fill the area with gentle, sustainable energy throughout your healing session. Highlight a Golden Healer on an altar or grid, to raise the frequency/vibration of your intent.

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