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Golden Healer || Arkansas Quartz || Crystal Point

Golden Healer || Arkansas Quartz || Crystal Point

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  •   Astrological sign Leo
  •   Number 2
  •   Hardness 7
  •   Contact with Spiritual Worlds
  •   Healing on all levels
  •   Eidetic recall of images
  •   Promotes knowledge of the true self, see through the mask one wears

The physicality of this Clear Quartz Crystal is a clear quartz that has a natural "golden" color coating via iron oxide.  The fascinating and beautiful observation is that there is a transparent natural overlay rainbow effect when looked at under a direct light source.

I have used Golden Healers in many healing sessions as an amplifier of healing accessibility for both the client and myself.  The energy during the session feels like a "smooth" amplifier.  

My personal experience with the Golden Healers have been a gradual growth process.  Whenever I get a new stone, I cleanse, charge and meditate with the stone on my brow chakra or "third eye".  Frankly, it was nice, although I can't say it was ground moving.   

This mineral is recommended by many mineral folks that it "works" best on the solar plexus.  Makes sense, analytically, as it is a yellow color and as a general or traditional rule yellow vibes to the solar plexus.  I was never drawn to that way of working with it.  Here's the deal with my experience...The Golden Healer isn't yellow, it's gold.  Not metallic gold it is a shimmering glorious sunsetting color, with a rainbow(literally) overlay.  When I first observed this rainbow effect I thought it had been put through a heat treatment with another mineral.  To my joy, I found out through speaking with the family in Arkansas whose mine we purchase our Arkansas Quartzes from, that the rainbow effect is natural to the oxidization on the crystals.  Being golden implies to me the soul star chakra or/above.  

I decided to really get to know this stone as we had purchased quite a few on our last rock shopping and I was determined to get to the feels with them.  I spend an afternoon with one of our clusters and I thought I'll place it on my heart, went into meditation and after about three or four minutes I started feeling movement around my physical heart.  Awesome, now we're talkin'.  As the movement continued I started feeling what would be described as pressure.  As the pressure became stronger, it became real pain.  Similar to gas pain in your intestines.  I instantly went to my breathing and reminded myself to relax.  This experience lasted approximately five to ten minutes.  I have to tell you it was quite amazing.  My belief at this time is that on a physical level it was cleaning out blockages....very much on an energetic level I'm positive blockages were removed.  The physical sensation was what I will always remember about working with The Golden Healer.  

In essence Golden Healers are powerful and if you are drawn to them follow your intuition, meditate with them and go for it.  My experience was one that I wouldn't trade for anything.