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Fuchsite || Raw || Glittery Green Mineral || Overcoming

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"Fuchsite assists in the understanding of processes that are both adapting and dispersing. It promotes the examination of issues related to basic foundations and personal concerns, including problems and solutions directly related to inactions with others and the material world, shared interests, vocational objectives, physical well-ness, and productivity. 

During meditation with Fuchsite, one may access information concerning the maintenance of physical health, daily routine, schedules, stress, pets, mainstream environments, co-workers, and career. 

Fuchsite also assists one in eliminating any type of servitude issues, bringing the light of knowledge of innate perfection to within the being of each person. It further helps one to "bounce back" after tense situations in the physical/emotional realm. 

Fuchsite has been used to enhance knowledge and right action in the fields of law enforcement, judgements, and holistic medicine. It is one of the stones that facilitates the transfer of energy from other minerals."

MELODY - Love is in the Earth Mineral Encyclopedia (pg 308) and pg 702)

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