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Elderberry Syrup Wellness Kit (A Moon Magick Herbs Blend)

Elderberry Syrup Wellness Kit (A Moon Magick Herbs Blend)

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Elderberry Syrup is one of our most requested products. We had the idea to design a ready made kit, so that you can learn to make the syrup, yourself, in the comfort of your own home. Why not empower yourself and impress your family by making your own immune boosting, delicious tasting syrup? 

The only ingredients that you need are water and honey. By purchasing one of our kits, you can use the honey from the region that you live in, providing more benefits for you and your family. Please use local, raw honey when you make the kit. If you can buy that honey from a local farmer, that's even better. 

Elderberry was shown to be effective against ten strains of influenza. It also has been shown to reduce the duration of flu symptoms 3-4 days. Our kits are made with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. We use ingredients that are sustainable, and natural. None of our products use ingredients that are sprayed with any sort of pesticides or unnatural fertilizer. If I wouldn't give it to my family, I would never sell it to yours. 

This syrup is packed full of immune boosting herbs and includes easy step-by-step instructions right on the back of your pouch. 

Please keep in mind that Raw honey isn't recommended for children under the age of one year old.

Elderberries are anti-viral and can help shorten the duration of colds

Honey is a great natural soother for cold, coughs, and itchy throats. 

Cinnamon and cloves are helpful during an illness because they warm the body and are anti-viral

Astragalus helps to build the immune system, and thus make you less vulnerable to the flu

Ginger contains antibacterial and antiviral properties which deal with the flu virus.
The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties heal the pain, irritation and discomfort caused by flu.
The gingerol and shagol compounds present in ginger stimulate the perspiration and reduce body temperature.
Its expectorant properties loosen the mucus from lungs and sinus. It soothes the lung tissues.
It produces sweat in the body which flushes out the toxins and prevents infections.
The oleoresins prevent the formation of excess mucus formation.
During flu, digestion often gets weakened. Consumption of ginger stimulates the appetite and digestion.

Once completed, the syrup will need to be refrigerated and used within 2-3 months. The kit will make a quart or two of syrup.

This statement and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure disease. It will, however, give you the power to create a health boosting tonic for your entire family. 

Make herbal syrups <3 Not War

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