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Garnierite Pebbles || A+ quality Two Sizes || Heart Activator || Self Love - Large Tumble

Garnierite Pebbles || A+ quality Two Sizes || Heart Activator || Self Love

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Garnierite is a great meditation stone when dealing with the heart chakra and self love. It is a heart activator, teaching you how to love yourself, and allowing you to find the divine within and bring about love for self, others and surroundings. It allows you to perceive what your path ahead calls for so that you may acquire what it is you seek, be it emotional, spiritual, or material plane. 

"Garnierite is a trade name for green nickel ores with variable compositions, chemically related to serpentine, talc, and chlorite. It often forms as a yellow-green to teal coating or filling in the cracks of a host rock. Garnierite is produced by lateritic weathering ofultramafic rocks. The harsh conditions in tropical locations breaks down surface rock, with acidic water dissolving some components and concentrating others, creating new minerals further underground. 

Nickel is symbolically the "brother of iron", representing endurance, strength, and resistance to corrosion, like stainless steel. Garniertie's green color, nickel content, and relationship to chlorite are all traditional signatures of vitality, healing, and purifying negativity. Stones colored by nickel are also associated with abundance, growth, success, and attracting love. Since most garnierite is a alchemized serpentine, it has also taken on properties of transmuting negative energies, earth healing, and kundalini work."

Approx 4.25 oz (123 grams) 

Approx. 2.75" x 1.75" 


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