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Green Opal Palm Stone || Color Pop || Hand Polished || Madagascar

Green Opal Palm Stone || Color Pop || Hand Polished || Madagascar

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These stunning green opals are from Madagascar. They are ideal for energetic work that needs to be done below our conscious awareness. Opals are magic. Our Greek ancestors believed that opals were the footprints of the gods as they left Mount Olympus and descended into the mortal realm. It has been known to be useful for altering the way we speak to ourselves when it comes to negative beliefs about oneself, or when working with limits on ourselves. 

Green Opals purify and cleanse the heart. They prepare your heart for new experiences, so these are especially powerful for anyone who has been hurt in love and needs faith to believe. These stones improve the memory, ease pain and trauma from the past, help you ease into deep states of meditation, and also relieve stress. These are the finest grade green opals in the market. I’ve never seen any – in person or online – that rival the quality or color of these pieces. 

Weight: 3.75 oz ( 109 grams) to 4.75 oz (136 grams)

Measurements: Approx. 3" x 2" x 2.5"

This stone has also been described as "energetic sherbet", such that people who are so empathic that they have trouble disconnecting from those around them, or have a porous sense of where their own emotions begin and end in the presence of others,  have an easier time making the distinction between their own emotional stuff vs. the stuff of those around them.  For people who are so sensitive that being in crowds is "too loud", this kind of support can feel very settling and buffering.  Also, healers whose work is generally empathic in nature, should be able to move from client to client with much greater ease if a few minutes is provided between sessions to meditate.