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Aragonite Pendant

Aragonite Pendant

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A raw aragonite crystal pendant

Measurements: 2" x 1" 

Aragonite resonates to the astrological sign of Capricorn and the number 9. The hardness is 3.5 - 4.  The color range is colorless, white, yellow/yellow-gold, green/green-brown and blue.  

This mineral promotes the ease of centering when you're going through(especially) during times of stress and the feelings of anger.  Prepping for the state of meditation.

Stimulates communication on the higher planes.  Aragonite enhances patience and maintains comfortably while encountering an abundance of responsibilities.

When consciously directed it can help one remain discipline during life-activities of a timely scheduled lifestyle.

It enhances reliability and practicality with respect to commitments and planning.

In regards to "the physicality" Aragonite is useful with the chills bringing warmth to the extremities, general aches and pains.  This mineral may be used as an elixir for the above issues.  

All in all I would recommend this mineral for all those dealing with multi-tasking on a regular basis or for lengthy spans of time.