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Angelite Crystal Tumble || Telepathy || Spiritual Journey || Astra

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"Angelite is an excellent balancing agent, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the etheral network. It provides a protective field around the environment where it is placed.

This mineral is both a sender and a receiver; telepathic communication is enhanced, contact with other worldly beings in initiated, and communication with ones spirit totem is either introduced or the intensification of information transfer is facilitated. 

It helps one in spiritual journeys and in astral travel, allowing for the experience of flight to be second-nature. 

Angelite dispels anger, renews ones connected-ness with universal knowledge, and further initiates a parting-of-the-impediments during innovative pursuits. 

It is an excellent stone for promotion of both astrological and mathematical understanding and comprehension. 

It represents peace tot he world and the "brotherhood" both within and without of the galactic configurations. It is a "stone for raising the state of conscious awareness" and for promoting clear and orderly communication. "

(MELODY - Love is in the Earth Encyclopedia - Page 103)