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Angel Wing || #D5 || Amphibole Quartz || Brazil || Higher Realms Meditation

Angel Wing || #D5 || Amphibole Quartz || Brazil || Higher Realms Meditation

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Amphibole Quartz (aka Angel Phantom Quartz) helps to create balance in our lives,  as well as to contact our Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors. Amphibole Quartz has a lovely vibration that will help you to reach the higher realms in meditation.  It is also helpful for astral travel, lucid dreaming, and for communication with our Higher Self. 

Amphibole Quartz Crystals have inclusions, mostly consisting of (yellow) Limonite, (red) Hematite (white) Kaolinite, and (pink) Lithium. The minerals in the Amphibole group may also occur as stones in their own right... including Actinolite, Riebeckite, Limonite, Tremolite, Hematite, Caolinite, Winchite, Hornblende and Richterite. 

Angel Phantom Quartz works best at the non-physical level of being. Clear Quartz has been used in meditation, spiritual development and healing. Angel Phantom Quartz helps one to recognize the origin of dis-ease. Amphibole Quartz crystals are multi-talented with having so many inclusions threaded in and throughout them. These crystals bring peace, harmony and serenity through surety. They breed a strong sense of confidence within oneself – confidence in ones decisions, confidence to take on the unknown and new projects.

Hematite has been used in the treatment of leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders, insomnia, and may assist with correcting spinal alignment and healing fractures. It also keeps one grounded while providing the raw energy and drive to move forward – no matter what obstacles may be thrown up in your path. 

The yellow Limonite radiates self worth, joy and provides an abundance of personal energy that bursts forth – inspiring both the self and others around you. The pink Lithium provides the energy of Love, empathy for others – and keeps one focused on the all important core values of giving, integrity and selfless light work for the betterment of all.  Limonite has been used in the treatment of skeletal system, to ameliorate dehydration, and to assist in the assimilation of iron and calcium. Limonite has also been used to dispel fever and to treat both the liver and the jaundiced conditions produced by disorders of the liver.

The Limonite aspect also offers excellent crystal protection properties, and the white Kaolinite gives one the intuition to know when to use the protective qualities – thus avoiding unnecessary knee jerk reactions, unwarranted paranoia and fear based decisions.

The Kaolinite channels in Crown Chakra energy providing inspiration and connection with the Angelic realm – funneling pure white light into everything that one does. Kaolinite can be used in the treatment to eliminate excess cholesterol, to bring a smoothness and flow to ones skin, in the treatment of disorders of the ears, tear ducts, digestion, intestines and as an anointing elixir when one is in the state of disease.

Most have clear areas, and these aid you to find clarity in your communication with the higher realms. The phantoms that you can see are caused by inclusions of many different types of minerals, and these minerals also add to the vibration of individual stones.

These amphiboles are from Brazil. The vibration of the stones vary slightly from each other, depending on the color. Regardless of the color there is a lovely flow of peaceful energy that is emitted by these stones, as they embody potent energies to contact the angelic realms. 

Amphibole Quartz is very, very effective when working with lung related issues – especially in elixir form. This crystal is a very serious cleanser – of pollutants, toxicity and negative thought patterns. It is a manifestation crystal extraordinaire.

Amphibole Quartz is an exceptional crystal to use for lucid dreaming, especially when used in conjunction with an elixir made from the same crystal. Place the crystal beside your bed head or under your pillow and prepare to have peaceful, restful sleep with very informative dreams!

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Weight: 50 grams (1.75 oz)

Measures: 2" x 1.25" x 1.5"