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Ametrine Tumbled Crystal || Aura cleanser || Spirituality

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Ametrine is a mixing of Citrine and Amethyst.  The hardness of this gemstone is 7. The astrological sign of Ametrine is Libra.  Ametrine vibrates to the number 4 and in crystalline form the master number 66.

Ametrine is primarily a stone to enhance universal balance providing a definitive connection between the physical and the state of perfection.  

It stimulates the intellects development of consciousness.

This gemstone eliminates negativity from the aura, and when consciously directed fills any voids within the aura with the full spectrum of light.  It can release emotional negativity transforming those feelings to a beneficial and constructive level.

With Ametrine one may access knowledge of the connectedness of the all and helps to eliminate the actions of prejudice.  

It combines the qualities of the intellect with spirituality.

Ametrine is helpful in entering the state of astral  travel.

This gemstone has been used to stabilize and correct the RNA/DNA structure. It has also been useful for oxygenation.