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I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and my shop, to the community. My name is Christen McMakin. We are a crystal curio purveyor and herbal apothecary located in Greenville, SC. 

As of right now, we are an online only company. Our dream, is to bring the highest quality crystals, magickal tools, and healing herbs to our community. We ship from Greenville, SC to anywhere in the world. Our mission is to curate the highest quality crystals with lovely vibes. Each item in our store is hand selected. We DO NOT do mail order where we order large quantities of crystals at a time. We lay our hands on each crystal that makes it way into our store. If it doesn't feel right, it doesn't come home. Your crystal pieces will last you for generations to come. Our crystal curios include a wide selection of natural and untreated stones. We stock everything from crystal quartz, to rose and Smokey, lemurians, skulls, rare enhydros, wands, and more. Most of our herbal products are even crystal and moon charged.

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At Moon Magick Crystals & Herbs, our mission is to promote loving self-care for women. We do our best to provide the tools, information, and assurance that loving yourself and taking care of your physical form, emotional body, and spiritual health is essential for complete self wellness. Our apothecary is for everyone, but we focus on providing products and tools for women to nurture and heal themselves. We carry everything from Yoni steams, to rose quartz yoni eggs and more. Other products, such as our Nature's Neo gives you the healing benefits of a triple antibiotic ointment without the chemicals and petroleum. We have custom blended teas, wellness syrups, and even homegrown kitty nip for your favorite familiar. We dream of being your one stop treasure trove of mystical goodies.

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**A NOTE ON SOURCING** We have had many inquiries lately in regards to mines that we do business with. We shop for our crystals at many locations, as you will read, and we have crystals sourced from all over the world. We do our very best to confirm that our crystals come from mines with sustainable business practices, and who also pay their workers a living wage. Mines that do not have a good energy exchange with their workers are not conducive to bringing us good, healthy healing rocks.

Nature - Who is Moon Magick