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Sunset Aura Quartz Cluster || High Vibrational || Amplifier

Sunset Aura Quartz Cluster || High Vibrational || Amplifier

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Aura Quartz is quartz that has been bonded with the microns (or atoms) of precious metals. It shimmers and sparkles all colors of the rainbow as the crystal is moved under light in different directions. Sunset quartz is bonded with vaporized titanium, silver and possibly other trace metals. This results in the characteristic vivid metallic orange/yellow/magenta base color and the beautiful iridescent rainbow colored “flashes”.

The frequency of Sunset aura connects to all of the chakras with a stronger connection to the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It opens and stimulates these chakras so that one has self confidence in all that one does and allows one to be creative in one’s thought and actions.

The quartz is placed in a vacuum chamber, the air is then removed and microns (tiny particles) of a pure precious metal, or sometimes a mixture of precious metals, is puffed into the vacuum chamber. This settles onto the quartz and a bonding process takes place, permanently bonding the microns to the quartz. This bonding cannot be removed, nor does it peel off (as silver plating might). The only way of removing it would be to smash the top layer off the crystal. Each metal produces a different color. It brings together the vibration of quartz and metal. Together, they create a vibrational frequency that isn’t available in nature ~ and this frequency is beautiful! Its a high vibration and a stimulating one. Quartz amplifies and expands the energy around it, whilst metals tend to banish or clear any negative energies when they are combined with quartz.