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Teardrop Aquamarine Pendant || Sterling Silver || Throat Chakra

Teardrop Aquamarine Pendant || Sterling Silver || Throat Chakra

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Aquamarine history dates back over 4,000 years to the Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. Legend has it, the clear blue mineral rock was a treasure of the mythical mermaids. Aquamarine stones have long been considered the "sailor's lucky stone." The original reasoning was that the mermaids treasured aquamarine gemstones so much that they would protect sailors who possessed them. This ancient history has remained an integral part of aquamarine meaning.

The ancient seers believed Aquamarine to be associated with the moon and even the present-day crystal gazers foresee future events using this stone when the moon is waxing. They believe that the gravitational pull of the moon on iron oxide inclusions in this stone strengthens forecasting abilities.

Its metaphysical properties make it a wonderful gemstone for tranquility & calmness, much like still water. It clears up confusion, creates closure and gives you the ability to express yourself clearly. It soothes the mind and removes fear.  Aquamarine is a great stone for those that are emotionally sensitive.

Aquamarine represents a mirror that helps discover the hidden meanings of reality. It helps in descending to the darkest depths of the soul to make you realize who you really are. It comes as no surprise that this stone was used in meditation by mystics, shamans, healers and prophets.

On a more physical level, Aquamarine resonates with the throat chakra Balancing Healing that helps in overcoming the fear of public speaking. 

This lovely aquamarine pendant is set in shining sterling silver. 

Photographs represent the pendant in diffused studio light. 

Each piece of our jewelry comes in a black jewelry gifting box with the Moon Magick logo on top.