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Like the majority of clear or white crystals, Apophyllite works well as a link between all the Chakras from Root to Crown, bridging the physical realm with the spirit realm.

Naisha Ahsian says about these beauties: "Apophyllite crystals are mini-temples dedicated to the healing and enlightenment of the Earth and her children." These crystals do help elevate the vibration of whatever or whomever they touch, all the while keeping one grounded and all channels clear. Because of this, Apophyllite is known to enhance psychic and intuitive abilities and also acts as an excellent aid in meditation, Shamanic journeying or Astral travel. Even physically the look of this crystal mimics the intense, vivid and shimmering unearth-like quality of the Astral's "atmosphere", making one more comfortable in and adaptable to the differences between realms. Once there, Apophyllite allows its bearer to become attuned with and to communicate better with the higher field entities one finds there (be it Gods and/or Goddesses, Guides, Angels or Elements and elementals) or with any spirits one attempts to connect with. And, whatever information you do happen to gather there, this crystal will help you process and retain it within your consciousness upon return to your "waking" state.

Called an "Ascension Stone", Apophyllites are also noted for bringing light and clarity to emotional situations, breaking through old blockages, and for promoting an explorative nature which moves us toward bringing the truth out into the open. Deception is hindered in the presence of Apophyllite; you'll have trouble even deceiving yourself.

Because of Apophyllite's water content and open-ended channels which allow both intake and outtake, this crystal has the wonderful ability to act in both a receptive or projective manner. It contains properties of both masculine Air and feminine Water, and can be a powerful transmitter and receiver. It can help improve memory and concentration and is good for dream recall (I sleep with Apophyllite near the head of my bed) and for calling in those ever-so-helpful telling dreams. It can also be used as an aid in past life recall.

Apophyllite can be very healing and is often used in Reiki sessions. Emotionally, these lofty fire-born water-bearing crystals bring light and energy which helps in alleviating worry and anxiety. They contain a breezy uplifting quality and can help one deal with uncertainty through their ability to light the way to resolution. In this regard they are also helpful to anyone going through what some call "the dark night of the soul". Bodily, Apophyllites work well in the areas of the Respiratory System, sinuses, and for eye related problems. The crystals are especially rejuvenating and refreshing, bringing a crisper clarity to self and one's surroundings. The pyramid-shaped crystals can be used to help open one's Third Eye by placing one, base down, upon the forehead during meditation and, as stated before, they are especially helpful when Astral traveling or channeling. The pyramids can also be used to rejuvenate and to preserve the integrity of whatever it rests on, making them a good candidate for charging other stones. To recharge the Apophyllite itself, place it under a stream of cool running water and then give it a brief sit (only 1-2 hours) in the early morning sun.

Depending on this mineral's color, there are additional properties to be noted - i.e., Green Apophyllite is said to aid in matters of the heart; the yellow for a more uplifting energy; the brown for added grounding; the pinks and violets for enhanced healing.


In lore, Apophyllites have been often used for scrying, and it is suggested that you peer into the crystal sideways and through the corner of your eye. It is also said that this stone helps those who participate in Fire Walking – first by helping the person achieve a strong meditative state, and then later as the stone is said to help cool the feet.


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