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Vibing up your crystals

I've done a blog on cleansing and charging your crystals.  I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on taking care AND upgrading the energy of which your gemstones vibrate. 

I have a number of stones...mostly clear quartz that have come to me for their growth.  I receive great joy watching their transformation.  I also enjoy keeping the gemstones in my care happy and healthy.  Beyond bi-monthly cleansing and charging, as a general rule during the new and full moon, I have applied this sound process into their care and growth.  Part of that is keeping my environment high and calm vibration.  One of the first things I do in the morning is play lovely high vibe music.  This is to my benefit, it is also of benefit to my friend Elbe, and our home, it lingers and sets a tone. 

Five or Six times a week I also like to directly work with my crystals with sound to keep their vibrations high and healthy.  I move them around my home so they don't grow stagnant to the particular room.  Many are worked on other people during Reiki treatments and Crystal treatments.  Many are "couples"(meaning as general rule they work together) and choirs(meaning they work as a group).  These categories  will always stay together.  From time to time, I silence myself and check in with their energy, I'm checking to see if they still belong together.  Let me give you an example:  If you have a few crystals that you wear in a medicine pouch, these gemstones are a choir.  As for sound, I play Fredrick Chopin at least once a week for them.  I also play Tibetan bowls around them in close proximity, within a foot(12 inches).  There are times I will place them in the bowl as I play.  One vibe up that I enjoy immensely is with tuning forks.  There is no tuning fork that I have found that is better that the other.  I like to use a heart chakra fork (tuned to D) or crown chakra fork (tuned to A).  I strike the fork on granite and then place the end of the fork on the "root" of the crystal for points.  For a shaped gemstone, I haven't found that it matters where I place the the end of the tuning fork.  As you hold the crystal you may feel the vibration through the stone.  Allow the stone to absorb as much of the vibration as you...or the crystal desires.  It's good for the stone, it's good for you...win/win.  If you feel as though the gemstone has had enough simply pull the fork away.  Not only is it good for the stone, you will form a stronger energetic communication bond with your stone.

Hope you give these ideas a try and may you and your crystal friends grow and transform toward higher vibes.  

In Love and Joy Always!


Have fun with this and feel the vibrations rise and rise!  Enjoy! 


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