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Selenite...A Crystal For The Times

Selenite is one of the stones on my list that everyone should have.  Selenite is a crystal that encompasses the energies of both air, infiltrated with light and water.  These are energies of The Master, the being that can take the emotions and raise them up to the highest levels.  Selenite works on the deepest levels of the physical, mental and emotional cutting the cords of fear and despair and transmuting them to love and joy.  My own experience with Selenite began in 1987, I was working at a new age books and gift store in Phoenix Arizona.  We had a few gemstones, not a lot, in '87 you really had to go to a mineral store or Sedona Arizona to find really cool gemstones.  So when we received new stones it was a very exciting day in the store.  My boss had acquired a few pieces of a stone called Selenite, a form of gypsum.  There was one piece I knew I had to have, which I did get and still have to this day.  It was beautiful, about one and a half inches thick and about three inches long.  You could see the layers on the ends, it was so smooth and shiny.  At that time I was really delving into some abandonment issues which had become beliefs of being unworthy.  You see, I was a 60s baby girl and as many girls in that era I had daddy issues.  I had grown up not knowing my biological Father.  In my late 20s I got in touch with him and much to my disillusionment, he was unable to be the Father that I so yearned for.  After one particular evening of speaking with him on the phone, I came to the understanding that we would not, at least at that time, have the relationship I was hoping for.  It was late and I thought for once I was going to let it all out, cry, scream and just feel it in my guts.  I did, it was a good emptying of sadness for the little girl that didn't understand why her Father had left her all those years ago.  I knew enough that an emotional hole had been left after that realization and act of release.  I saw my new Selenite sitting on the dresser.  I picked it up, held it at my heart and went to bed.  I cried some more and fell asleep.  When I woke the next morning I still was holding that piece of Selenite at my heart.  I looked at it....I had heard that Selenite was noted for changing, bending and curving right in front of people's eyes.  But, what I saw on my Selenite was nothing short of amazing to me.  The side I had held to my heart that night had now changed from shiny and smooth to dull about a quarter inch deep and tiny crystals had grown on it. It's still dull on that side and the crystals are still there, it's a piece that will be with me always. It's one of the reasons minerals mean so much to me.  I know what they can do.  

The following are a list of qualities of Selenite from Author Melody's Love Is In The Earth:  Access to past lives as well as future lives.  Assistance in the acquisition of materialistic pursuits related to business.  It has been used as a sharp sword of awareness, cutting through unconscious assumptions and promotion of the re-connection between the consciousness and the higher self.  Selenite can be used to provide both flexibility to ones nature and strength to ones decisions.  Access to the interior of the physical body in order to understand existing disorders, providing information with respect to the "fix".  Aligns the spinal column.  Selenite may traverse he spinal column from the base of the spine to the back of the head, removes energy blockages of the spine while traversing in the opposite direction and smooths the flow of energy. Promotes flexibility within the muscular structure.  Assists in the regeneration of the cellular structure and the protective membrane linings which surround cells; hence, providing a tool to assist both in prevention and in overcoming damage caused by the well known "free radical".

There are three stones I firmly believe should be in everyone's arsenal of minerals:  Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline and SELENITE. 

As always if you have any questions please contact myself or C at moonmagickcrystalssc@gmail.com or you can message us on Moon Magick FB page.  Remember always...You Are Worthy!

Love and Joy always and in all ways,



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