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The Crystalline Soak


We are so pleased to offer a healing, upgrade of energy and activation of the crystalline nature of the DNA with our Crystalline Soak.

The Facts: The entire process takes 20 minutes as your shoulders are covered with a gemstone infused prayer shawl, your feet and hands are immersed in wooden bowls filled with various "flavors" of tumbled stones while the crystal Bell, humbly named Belle, and Tibetan bowls are softly played by one of our reiki and one of our reiki practitioners scans your energy field for balancing, aligning and grounding your energy. Cost is 20.00 The Crystalline Soak process takes approximately 20 minutes.  It is recommended that rest, relaxation and hydration is important for the next 12 hours upon completion of the Crystalline Soak.   Message us for available times and dates.

The History: This is the fun part of introduction.  C and I have been working in concert with energy work/healing in various ways for approximately 10 years.  IE: Reiki, Crystal, Grids, Cleansing of various environments.  As C and I reminisced various experiences we had both individually and in concert, a comment regarding immersing hands and in tumbled stones and how good it feels came up.  Suddenly we both started having ideas regarding how we could work with..."like a spa", "wooden bowls filled with tumbled stones", "the bowls would have to have indention's for the wrist", "you mean like these?", etc...this is just some of the comments, that immediately had answers.  This is how downloads are expressed and Spirit guides and speaks.  When the question as to "What is the Crystalline Soak (named distinctly by Spirit) for?" Energetically, all, major and minor chakras in both the hands and the feet are cleansed of stagnate and clogged energy.  Then, the energy is replaced by healing, cleansing, and balancing of the energies within and flowing out of the above stated hands and feet.  The vibration to which each individual resonates receives and "upgrade".  Finally, and considering the timing of this process, most impressed upon us by Spirit, The Crystalline Nature of the DNA is activated.  Let me be really clear, Spirit has given this directive to us to offer this process, that is exactly what The Crystalline Soak is and is about. 

The Flavors:  This is a part that flowed from the download of information from Spirit.

INITIATE:  Hands, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  Feet, mixture of Grounding gemstones.

MENTAL CLARITY:  Hands, Fluorite.  Feet, Smokey Quartz.

AMPLIFIER:  Hands, Clear Quartz.  Feet, Black Obsidian.

More flavors will be coming! 


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