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How quickly can we manifest??? This ain't about rocks...hehehe

This is a true story....about four times a week my friend and I walk, I don't know how far, it takes us about 20 to 30 mins.  The walk is on a state highway.  There is a ramp to a larger highway, I love walking the ramp because I can feel it in my heart.  Go Cardio! Nearly every morning I listen to A video on Youtube called "Start your morning with a miracle RAMPAGE!"  by Abraham Hicks.  It's awesome.  Today, as we began our walk the music behind the video was in my head, so of course, I began saying This is a really good morning.  My friend didn't mind, he actually likes it when I sing or talk to him on our walks.  As we were on our way down the ramp I saw all the cans and plastic on the grassy area, even glass, YUCK!  I thought, Tammy, this is silly, just bring the truck down here today and pick this up....all the while, This is a really good morning words and music played in my head.  We get to the end of the ramp and I've made up my mind to come get the trash, even planning when and where to park the truck and thinking I could attach my friend's leash to the rail and wondering if that would be too close to the road and I could bring my broom to sweep up the glass...etc...all the while This is a really good morning played in my head.  We crossed the road at the end of the ramp and something caught my eye.  A car parked in the grass on the side of the ramp we had just passed.  A lovely lady with one of the pick 'em up bars to pick up trash and large bucket.  She was picking up the cans, and plastic.  I said "This is a really good morning, Thank You", she replied, "Yes it is, my husband doesn't like to do this but I don't mind".  Manifestation number one, this was not the end however, my friend Elbe and I live in an area that there isn't any place for us to play ball, which is his favorite thing in the entire known planetary system, there is however one of those fenced areas for electrical stuff and behind it is a beautifully mowed field by the electric company.  I've always thought this would be a perfect area to bring El to play ball.  Well... we're headed back up the ramp and still the music and This is a really good morning was playing and I was saying it.  We got to the top of the ramp and I see the men mowing the field and a man was sitting in the truck that transports the mower smoking a cigar...awesome...and I thought, I'm gonna ask.  I fully expected the answer to be "no, we can't allow that"  for whatever reason legalities or codes or insurance..blah blah.  The worse he could say is No, so we motioned him over.  He said "sure, just walk around the fenced area".  Manifestation number 2. So, yeah....This Is A Really Good Morning!  What can we each (all) manifest with belief and heart felt taking the chance???

In Love and Joy Always


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