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Double Terminated Clear Quartz with Rutilation and Keys...Talk about powerful healing!

This piece is so special, that it takes a blog to describe all it holds, so here goes...

For those working and, yes...playing with the universe and our beloved planet for their own transformational energy this is your guy.  It encompasses the energy of "why and how and what", throughout the entirety of the mind both logical and creative mind.  

Let's take this piece apart and see what the planet saw fit to grow together for a powerful energy of healing.

Firstly, this is a quartz, according to Earth Sciences Museum approximately 12 percent of the land surface and about 20 percent of the Earth's crust is made up by Quartz.  The properties of quartz include ,first and foremost, amplification followed by focusing, storage, transfer and transformation of energy.  Energetically it is a stone for harmonizing and aligning human energies - thought, consciousness and emotions.  Through meditation it can create altered states of consciousness, amplifying both body energy and thoughts.  With this piece in mind we are going to address the mind and thoughts.  It can assist in the creation of power and can provide for clarity in thinking to enable thoughts to influence matter.  It is a stone of power.

This piece is a double terminator.  Please see photo.  The meaning is having terminations on both ends of the crystal.  Energetically, the energy runs through both ends of the crystal.

Rutile inclusion of quartz within this piece affects both the etheric and astral bodies.  It allows one to get to the "Root" of a problem.  It brings forth an understanding of the ancient civilizations healing modalities of those societies of Mu, Og and Zu.  These society's were more focused on the feminine inclinations or creative or right brain ways.  

Keys are recognized physically by three or six circular indents penetrating the sides of the crystal.  Energetically it is used to unlock the healing aspects and leads one to the answers we all ask ourselves...why, what and/or where through analytical problem-solving.

If we bring all these energies together in unity it is clear as to this stones powerful healing abilities.  We have within this piece power, analytical, creative, masculine, feminine, physical, mental, and emotional healing.  For one who asks the questions mentioned above, this stone offers the opportunity for the answers on all levels.  The recommended technique for "working" with this quartz is in meditation with the stone placed on the stomach area between the solar plexus and heart 20 - 45 minute intervals.  Through breath work and allowance of clear mind you will be amazed at the clarity of answers that will come to you and the process to apply the answers in your life for growth and transformation.


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