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Cleansing these babies

Let's talk about cleansing your new crystals and when to cleanse.

Please cleanse your new crystals when you receive them, whether you purchase them or receive them as a gift or even find them.  I know, especially if you have been waiting for this special perfect crystal and it's finally come to you, you wanna start working and playing with it/them right now.  Here's how you can think of it.  Have you ever had the experience of meeting the coolest person?  You wanna get to know them, maybe go out to eat with them.  And finally it all works out...you're going to spend some time with them, Yay!  Don't you want them to take a bath first, maybe brush their hair or put on some good smellin' stuff?  Yeah, think about it in that way.  You're going to be spending time with this crystal, maybe keeping it with you always.  Take one more day and cleanse your new friend. 

Ok, so you've got that.  Let's talk about how to do that.  You can get as involved with the process as you choose. You can do a whole ceremony with prayer and lovely candles and flowers and incense or you can do a quick smudging both will work for your new crystal.   I will say the more balanced, centered, and grounded the better the result I get. 

Timing...There are two times per month I cleanse at least a couple of my crystals.  New and Full Moon.  I cleanse the day before the new or full moon, I begin the charging on the day of the new or full moon.  New moon is a great cleanse and charging cycle for new beginnings.  Full moon is a great cleanse and charging cycle for the apex, that burst of energy needed in all situations or manifestations.  I also cleanse my minerals whenever I feel it is needed. 

"How do you know?"  Awesome question.  Here's why, for beginners it can be a challenge to Feel, intuitively.  That, truly is all about trust and confidence.  Practice, spend time with your crystal and go for it.  Here's the good news you cannot over cleanse your crystal.  There are crystals and minerals that should not go into the water especially sea salt water, it can physically damage them, and yes that will damage a particular energy of the mineral.  Here's a good calculation for knowing if your crystal or mineral should be placed into water. Knowing the hardness of your mineral, if it is below a 4 or 3 use another form of cleansing other than water.  

Here is a list of cleansing products to use:

1.  Sea Salt Water...If you live near an ocean, Awesome.  Cleansing with nature is  the best!  If not, make your own.  The recipe is 1X2...one part SEA Salt to two parts water, mix well until salt has dissolved.  Using a glass or metallic appropriate size bowl, place sea salt/water recipe in bowl and then Submerge the crystals into the salt/water mixture for 12-24 hours.  Upon completion of soak rinse well with clear water.  

2.  Smudge...With sage or palo santo wood, cedar wood, sweetgrass or incense with essential oils.  

3.  Sea Salt...fill a bowl with SEA Salt and submerge crystal for 12-24 hours.

4.  Crystal Cluster(large) for 12-24 hours.

5.  Flower Soak...petals of flowers in a bowl, submerge crystal for 12-24 hours.

6.  Brown Rice Soak...fill a bowl with brown rice and submerge crystal for 12-24 hours.

7.  Himalayan Salt Lamp...place near the lamp for 12 hours.  Crystals I work with every day in meditation live near one of my HSLs.

These are the only recommendations I make for beginners.  If you have any questions please contact C or me through the Moon Magick site and we will be thrilled to get back to you.  Let's keep our crystals clean and happy for they are gifts from our planet to help with the consciousness raising of all.

Thanks and have a great time getting to know your minerals.

In Love and Joy always and in all ways!

T at mineralenlightenment@gmail.com


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  • I got my crystals today! They’re amazing! Some are for a friend’s birthday. I was gonna cleanse all my crystals today. Do you think I should I not cleanse hers? Tomorrow is new moon. New moon is better than full because they’re new? New to cleanse full to charge? Should she cleanse them again when she gets them too bc of them traveling through the mail but the new moon will be over. Should I do them first still? She is sort of new to crystals so I might have to send her info about cleansing her crystals. I’m asking you because even though they go through the mail…when I get crystals from you they always have great vibes and energy. Also is there a way to protect them while they’re in transit from picking up energies?


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