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Charge 'em up

Let's talk about charging your crystals.  I like to keep mine charged up, first, it's good for them and secondly, it reminds me to take time with them and therefore my inner self, my energy.  Below is a traditional list that works for any and all crystals.

Full Moon.  The full moon is the apex of energy from the moon, which makes it perfect when you wanna give your crystals that extra boost of creation or manifestation of materials or situations.  It affects tides of our oceans, the emotions of people on our planet, everyone has heard stories of people being affected by the full moon. It is a feminine energy with nurturing qualities and allows the embracement of our secretive side. Many of our Social Servants know their days are going to be...interesting during the full moon.  Empaths know to be aware of their own well being during the full moon.   There is a fun little article by National Geographic regarding the moon's affect on animals:  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2019/04/lunar-cycles-full-moon-effects-on-wildlife/   I've attached for those interested on the subject.

Sun.  Our star is the solar energy force for our planet. It affects growth of plant life on our planet.  It warms us, and within moderation, causes more physical actives.  It sanitizes. It is a masculine energy with doing qualities and allows for the embracement of openness and clarity. These qualities make for an excellent charge when dealing with the healing process of dis-easement.    As a general rule, human biological clocks are set up to be "awake" when the sun is up.  

New Moon.  The new moon is the void of energy from the moon, which makes it perfect for beginnings in manifestation of materials or situations.  As the moon waxes the energy of the moon is growing, focusing on this energy allows the growth of desires manifesting.  The energy of the new moon is more subtle, however, it is still working with us and the embracement of observation on how energy movement grows and changes is a very exciting situation.

Large Cluster.  Place your crystal within a large quartz cluster for 12-24 hours.  This will keep your crystal charged and working well.

Himalayan Salt Lamps. Place your crystal around the lamp for 12+ hours.  This will keep your crystal charged and working well. When I am working with a crystal on an ongoing basis, I keep them in close proximity of one of my lamps and it keeps them nice and charged. 

Large quartz points.  Encircle your crystal with quartz single termination crystals, with points directed at the charging crystal for 12-24 hours. I use at least four larger crystals for charging, although I prefer using eight.

"When do I charge my crystals?"  Excellent question.  Using the moon cycle is a good determining factor, that being said, really, your can charge as often as you feel your crystals need it. 

"Must I put them outside when charging with the sun or moon?"  Very good question.  I do put mine outside, although I realize there are places that it is not viable.  A windowsill that the sun and/or moon shines through works well.  I know people that keep their crystals on a windowsill and it keeps them nice and charged all the time.

These are the charging techniques I recommend for beginner crystal workers.  Embrace your intuition and go with it.  If you have any questions contact C or myself through Moon Magick Site, Facebook or Instagram and we will be happy to get back to you.  Also, if you have a charging technique that works for you and your crystals, start a conversation with comments.  Thanks so much for being here and raising the consciousness on this planet.  You Are Amazing....You need to know that.

Love and Joy Always and in all ways!



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