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Chakras and Minerals Series....Solar Plexus Chakra

As we are heading into the Summer Solstice, this becomes a perfect time to talk about the third chakra.  This chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra.  The location of this chakra is from the navel up and through the physical solar plexus.  The element associated with this chakra is fire, how appropriate for this timing.  The physical body functions with this chakra are the digestive system and the muscles.  The emotional/mental functions are will power, processing and assessing.  The Solar Plexus has been called the third brain.  This asks us to listen to what our "gut" is telling us.  Let me give you some words to consider with the Solar Plexus Chakra:  FIRE, POWER, WILL, ENERGY, METABOLISM, TRANSFORMATION, MAGIC and HUMOR.  Let's ask ourselves the questions again, as with the sacral chakra. Saying each of these words quietly to yourself.  How do those words feel to you?  How do you express yourself regarding each of those words? Your answers will give you an idea of your higher embracement of being human.

The gemstones that work directly with the Solar Plexus Chakra and their energy definitions are listed as the following:

Golden Amber for opening and cleansing.  Sunstone for clearing and energizing.  Golden Tigereye promotes the intuitive, intellectual impressions which are based upon both the intuition and intellectual reasoning processes.  Smokey Quartz works well with the Solar Plexus as it is used for penetrating and dissolving anger and resentment. (if one is going through the kundalini process, smokey quartz should not be used, as it will stop the process)  Clear Quartz worn over the solar plexus can provide for the stimulation of total body energies and can increase one's emotional fields.  Lingham increases the movement through the first three chakras.  Citrine activates, opens and energizes.  Chrysocolla revitalizes and calms.

The technique suggested for gemstone work with this chakra is to lay down flat on your back and place the chosen stone from the above list directly on the location of the Solar Plexus Chakra.  If you are working with Kundalini Energy it is recommended laying on of stones and chakra work, I recommend you include the chosen Sacral Chakra stone at the and Root Chakra stone directly on the Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra as well. If you are working the Solar Plexus Chakra as a stand alone Chakra, simply use one of the above stones.  As the Solar Plexus is a multi functioning chakra I love the idea of creating a grid using more than one of the above stones, directly on this chakra.  Either of these techniques should be practiced at 20 minute intervals, preferably once a day.  If you have any of the above stated physical problems, a thoughtful consideration of the problem is recommended during the 20 minute interval.  If you don't experience any of the malfunction problems, practice a consideration of the words associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra during a simple relaxation and conscious breathing session.  Please remember to ground yourself  each and every session of working with gemstones and chakras.  If you are able, spend 10 minutes outside with your bare feet directly on the earth.  This will help in the acclimation of the new energies you are introducing into your own energy field.  Remember to stay hydrated and give yourself plenty of rest.    

As always please feel free to contact C or I through Moon Magick site if you have any questions.  Thank You for taking this step toward a higher way and remember....YOU ARE AWESOME!

In Love and Joy always and in all ways,



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