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Chakras and Minerals Series....Root Chakra

I'd like to begin a series of conversations regarding chakras and mineral application toward healing and knowing thyself.  We have thousands of chakras within our human bodies.  In this series we are going to focus on what are considered the 7 Major Chakras.

The definition of the word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk.  We have come to think of them as spinning wheels of light.  As I have worked with my chakras, through meditation and laying-on-of gemstones, I have come to agree with that thinking.  The first or "root" chakra is going to be our focus in this conversation.  Let's begin with the location of the root chakra on the physical body.  It's placement is at the Perineum, base of the spine.  It's function is in regards to survival and grounding. It's physical body function are legs, feet, bones and the large intestine.  If it is malfunctioning the following physical problems may occur:  obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis and knee problems.

The gemstones that energetically work on the root chakra and the energy given definition are the following:

Bloodstone to awaken the chakra.  Carnelian is useful in working with the chakra.  Citrine illuminates, comforts and gives optimism to the chakra.  Copper activates and opens the chakra.  Garnet stimulates the chakra.  Jet aligns the chakra.  Smokey quartz grounds the energy specifically through this chakra.  Tigereye disciplines the sexual and emotional life-force through this chakra.  Black Tourmaline grounds to the center of the Earth through this chakra.   

The technique recommended for working with this chakra and the appropriate gemstone is placing it directly on the surface of the body on the location of this chakra, in a sitting lotus position with a straight spine.  This technique should be practiced at 20 minute intervals, preferably once a day.  If you have any of the above stated physical problems a thoughtful consideration of the problem is recommended during the 20 minute interval.  If you don't experience any of the malfunction problems, a simple relaxation and conscious breathing technique is a good way to allow the gemstone and chakra to energetically combine.

I look forward to any questions you have regarding this delve into your energetic knowing of thyself.  As always, you can contact C or myself regarding any questions you have through Moon Magick and we will happily get back to you. 

In love and joy always in all ways.




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