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Chakras and Minerals Series....Heart Chakra

As the Solar Eclipse on July 2 2019 will be upon us in a few days and it is in Cancer(the feeling/nurturing sign), this is a good time to take a look at how we can begin to consciously work with the fourth chakra.  This chakra is known as the Heart Chakra.   The location of this chakra is the center of the chest.  The element associated with this chakra is air.  The physical body functions associated with this chakra are the lungs, heart, arms and hands.  The emotional/mental functions are balance, centering, compassion and love.  The Heart has been called the feeling mind.  This is the place we go to feel love.  Malfunctions with the Heart Chakra that may manifest are asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and lung disease. Let me give you some words to consider with the Heart Chakra:  LOVE, AIR,  BREATH, BALANCE, RELATIONSHIP, UNITY, CENTERING and HEALING.   Saying each of these words quietly to yourself, ask yourself the following questions.  How do those words feel to you?  How do you express yourself regarding each of those words? Your answers will give you some ideas on your relationship with your own heart. 

The gemstones that work directly with the Heart Chakra and their energy definitions are listed as the following:

Blue Lace Agate activates, helping one to enter into a high frequency state of awareness.  Amazonite for rejuvenating and enhancing.  It can help in communication regarding love.  Balances the male/female energies bringing forth clarity and a balancing of aspects of personality.  Aventurine for activation and clearing and protection.  Azurite for manifestation of goodness.  Bloodstone for waking with uniformity.  Chrysocolla for ease of emotional heartbreak and gives a renewed strength and balance.  It increases the capacity to love.  Emerald for opening, activating and stimulates.  It helps to quiet the emotions.  Jasper for alignment.  Kyanite for aligning with all other chakras.  Lepidolite for activating.  Lingham for working with kundalini to move through the Heart Chakra.  Malachite for stimulating.  Rhodochrosite for balancing.  Rhodonite for stimulating, clearing and activating while providing for grounding of the physical and mental.  Rose Quartz for balancing and rejuvenating.  Ruby for stimulating.  Turquoise for strengthening, aligning and stimulating.  It brings communicating skills to emotional issues, creativity and intuition via love.

The technique suggested for gemstone work with this chakra is to lay down flat on your back and place the chosen stone from the above list directly on the location of the Heart Chakra.  If you are working with Kundalini Energy, it is recommended laying on of stones and chakra work, I recommend you include the chosen Solar Plexus Chakra stone, Sacral Chakra stone and Root Chakra stone directly on the Solar Plexus Chakra,  Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra as well. If you are working the Heart Chakra as a stand alone Chakra, simply use one of the above stones.   Either of these techniques should be practiced at 20 minute intervals, preferably once a day.  If you have any of the above stated physical problems, a thoughtful consideration of the problem is recommended during the 20 minute interval.  If you don't experience any of the malfunction problems, practice a consideration of the words associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra during a simple relaxation and conscious breathing session.  Please remember to ground yourself each and every session of working with gemstones and chakras.  If you are able, spend 10 minutes outside with your bare feet directly on the earth.  This will help in the acclimation of the new energies you are introducing into your own energy field.  Remember to stay hydrated and give yourself plenty of rest.    

As always please feel free to contact C or I through Moon Magick site if you have any questions.  Thank You for taking this step toward a higher way and remember....You come from the cosmos and are a unique creation from The One, therefore you are worthy and deserve LOVE ALWAYS AND IN ALL WAYS!

In Love and Joy always and in all ways,




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