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Live Sale Rules

Live Sale Rules and FAQ

 Jewelry - Live Sale Rules

By participating in Live Sales you are agreeing to all of these rules:

      . If you comment "SOLD" on any item, you are committing to purchasing the item. Payment is due within 24 hours of your listing being posted unless prior agreement has been made. There will be NO exceptions. No Holds on Live sale items. 
Jewelry - Live Sale Rules

    • We will show each item individually. To purchase an item from the Live sale comment "SOLD" and the price of the item you are buying. For example, "SOLD $25". The first Sold, with the amount to come across OUR screen wins the item. Understand that there may be a delay, or that a comment may come across our screen at a different time than yours. We don't play favorites. The first "SOLD and $$" that we see gets the item. 
Jewelry - Live Sale Rules

  • Payment plans are only good on items totaling $100 or more. If you need a payment plan, you MUST DM me before the sale or immediately after the sale ends. Otherwise, payments are due within 24 hours. No exceptions. All payments are processed through Paypal. 
Gemstone - Live Sale Rules

  • Shipping is calculated at checkout. Shipping rates are based on weight, size, and destination. Please double check your shipping address for errors. Once they are mailed they cannot be changed. It is the buyer responsibility to ensure that the address is correct. All items will ship within 24/48 hours. 
Jewelry - Live Sale Rules

  • When all invoices have been sent we will post on our feed & story. Please be sure to turn on all post notifications so that you will be notified. We will not notify each buyer individually. Please do not make us hunt you down. It creates so much extra work for us. We try to make things easy for our customers, and we appreciate customers who do the same for us.

Pretty simple, friends! We look forward to meeting you all at our first live sale! Remember, it's this Thursday, September 13th, at 7pm. We hope you will drop in and say hi to us. Let's all have fun.
Nature - Live Sale Rules

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