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Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)

Who among us doesn't dream of having abundance and prosperity in our lives? Abundance grids are one of the most requested grid layouts out there. On top of that, the new moon is a sort of energetic doorway for manifesting your dreams. It is a time for setting intentions, for fresh starts, and new beginnings. It is also a time to focus on visions that you might have for your future. Using the energy of the New Moon, you can plant seeds of intention into your life, and watch those bloom throughout the following moon cycles. When you design these grids, you are aligning your intention with the universe, and sending a message to the Universe and your subconscious mind that you are open and receptive to receiving abundance!
So, a crystal grid is the placement of certain crystals, grouped together in a sacred geometrical pattern for the purpose of manifesting a desire, a specific goal, or an intention. The Flower of life, or The Seed of life grid patterns are traditionally used, but they are not required. There is usually a center crystal, and other crystals that support the intention of the grid, are placed around the center stone.  You can see how we set up our Abundance grid here. 
Beer - Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)
Crystals and minerals are made up of energy patterns. Placing crystals together creates specific vibrations. Similar to a crystal glass that someone strikes, the surrounding glasses will vibrate as well. Think of the harmonic resonance of a set of crystal bowls.
Crystals are special, in that they amplify that vibration (or sound). We can also harmonize with this vibration. When you design your crystal grid with a specific intention, the grid will align with your energetic field and create or amplify that intention. This creates a harmonic balance, allowing you to draw those intentions into your energy field and space. 
To get started, you will want to set your intention. There is no wrong or right way to do any of this, just do what feels natural to you. What is the goal that you are wanting to achieve?
Prosperity and Abundance can come in many forms. I try not to be too specific on how the Universe delivers the blessings, I just open the doorway, ask, and then prop that door open for those abundance prayers to manifest however they will. You can write those intentions on a piece of paper or place symbolic items around the grid to focus your intention. Light candles, incense, or diffuse some oils. Ladies and Gentlemen, there are NO rules. Whatever works for you, works.
Now that your intention is set, it's time to clear your gridding space. Pick a clean area, free of clutter, that won't be disturbed. If you have cats, we know this might be impossible, so do your best. Some people even cover their grids with a cake plate topper. I have noticed that when my cat starts to mess with a grid, the work the grid was designed for is complete.  How you go about this is completely up to you.
To cleanse an area, we like to light a stick of Palo Santo, Sage, or incense and let the cleansing smoke waft through the gridding space. Once you are satisfied that you have a fresh gridding area then it's time to select your stones. 
To select your stones, you can absolutely do a little research too see energetically which stones are more suitable for abundance grids. We at Moon Magick like to select ours using intuition and a little bit of color. Golds, Silver, Red, Green, and Yellow are wonderful colors to go with. You can use candles, coins, or crystals. You can even use a mix of all of them. It is your grid so it's up to you. 
For this grid, as a center stone, we did a Golden Ray Optical Calcite sphere with rainbows. Golden Ray Calcite is excellent for stimulating the advancement of growth. It also acts as a repository stone which accumulates energy, ideas, and love. The spherical shape of the stone will draw the energy from all of the other stones into itself, and then project that amalgam of energy out into our space. The rainbow inclusion adds a little kick, ensuring that any abundance that comes our way will be happy, playful, and light-hearted. 
Crystal - Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)
(First row around center stone)
Around the base of the calcite sphere we have placed a layer of alternating Citrine and Pyrite. 
Citrine, the color of sunshine and gold, is THE abundance stone. It's always good to carry one in your pocketbook or place in your money drawer. Citrine does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipated and transmutes it. Citrine is called the "merchant's stone". It assists the merchant in acquiring wealth, and helps the merchant to maintain that state of wealth. 
Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, acts as a golden elemental shield, keeping out negative vibrations relating to your intentions. It brings in a "highest good" element. Although it is powerful in its own right, it is also a symbolic stand-in for real gold. 
(Second row around center stone) 
In the second circle, around the center stone, we have placed large, rough Garnets into our grid. 
Garnet adjusts the flow of energy, providing for balance and alignment. It acts with the speed due to the "flash of lightning" contained within. It produces expansiveness in manifestation. It is the stone of commitment - to purpose, to others, and to oneself. 
(Third Row around center stone) 
In the third circle, around the center stone, we have placed more Citrine, Emerald atop "golden" coins and copper domes. 
Citrine (covered above)
Emerald, the color of health and wealth, can bring harmony to all areas of one's life. It can be used to eliminate negativity and to bring forth the positive actions which are necessary to assist one in remaining centered in the practicality of ones lifework. 
"Golden Coins" are placed underneath the emerald crystals. They are symbolic of an abundance of wealth. 
Copper Domes provide harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used to amplify and to transmit thought. It is said to be a "bestower of good". It is also reported to bring "luck." It allows a person to recognize the barriers which are in the path of ones development, materially, upon this Earth-plane. It can conduct electrical impulses and magnify the energy transfer from other minerals. 

Sphere - Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)

On the outskirts of our grid plate we have placed a ring of monetary visuals such as these 24kt Golden Foil 100 Dollar Bills. These are actually a pack of playing cards that we found here on Amazon. You get 52 of them to use, or share, with friends. They are lovely visuals, and quite pretty, as far as federal reserve notes go. Keeping with the color theme, underneath those, we have taken green post-its and on each one we have written a positively-worded statement about what we want to manifest in reference to our abundance. Try to avoid writing the things that you DON'T want to see, or have happen. Keep your statements positive. I find I get better results this way. An example would be, "I don't want to have any late bills." A positive version of that statement could be, "All of my bills will be paid on time." See what we did there? Just a simple flip of the words and you have a strong statement that the Universe can run with. It also helps to end each statement with, "As long as it's within my Highest Good." That's just a good practice. 

We've also placed a Shiva Lingham carved Ganesh(a) as a visual at the top of our grid. She is a remover of obstacles, and a bestower of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, and success. Traditionally, Ganesh(a) is seen as a male figure. I see Ganesh(a) as a female. Remember when I said that if it feels right for you then it's right? See how that works? For me, Ganesha is a female, it works for me, and so it's all good. Now, on with the show. 

To the left of Ganesh(a) we have a silver rutilated quartz (symbolic of silver) and to the right a smokey golden rutilated quartz. Smokey is a grounding stone and very protective. His golden needles are symbolic of the element of Gold. It is always smart to have at least ONE grounding element in your grids. It is similar to the roots of a tree, it keeps the base of your intentions grounded in the physical. 

Beyond those we have a green intention candle (steady work), an ammonite to bring in sprial energy, and a flat piece of pyrite. The pyrite soaks up the intentions of the grid, and when we leave the energy of the gridding space we carry the pyrite with us as a metaphysical link to the power of the grid. 

Sweets - Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)

Once you have your crystals, your symbolic pieces, and your grid completely set up then you can activate the grid. You can use a piece of double terminated quartz, a wand, a selenite stick, or even your finger. You don't have to go out and spend two hundred dollars on a special wand, your intention is what matters. If you do use a wand, try to keep the end of the wand centered in the palm of your hand. Your chakra centers are dead center in your palm, and that's where the energy comes from. 

 Activating a grid is sort of like playing connect the dots. There are several ways to do this, but trust your intuition and do what feels right for you. I usually start at the bottom center stone closest to me. For me, it's easier to start there so I know when I've made a complete circle. I point my crystal wand at that stone and draw a line from there, up to the center stone, and back again to the starting point, then over to the left (towards the next closest outer stone), back up to the center stone, and back again, over the the left....you get it? You can imagine that you are in art class drawing a pizza and all its slices onto a piece of paper. 

Now, working to the left feels correct for me. It may have something to do with me being left-handed. There are theories that say running clockwise runs the energy out, and counter-clockwise bring energies in. I've tried activating a grid counter-clockwise and it feels "off" for me. Again, go with what "feels" correct for you. Trust yourself, over anything else.

Traditionally, we go around that grid at least three times in a circle to build up the energy. I personally start feeling an energetic pull, almost like magnets pulling in my hand, and I know it's time to finish the activation. You may feel something different, or feel nothing at all, just finish when it "feels" done for you. Once you come back around to your starting bottom stone, you can take your wand/finger/quartz and point at the center stone. Some people say the words out loud, "You are activated", or "Activate this crystal grid for my highest good." Whatever wording you are comfortable with is more than sufficient. You can move the wand in a twisting motion or hold it steady and send all of that hard manifesting work into the Universe. Congratulations, you just activated a crystal grid!

Once the grid has had a chance to set up for a few minutes, see if you can feel its energy radiating outward. Some people feel it like warmth, or a magnetic pull, a tingling, or something else. Use your hands and see if you can feel the energetic edge of the gridding energy. Even if you feel nothing, it doesn't mean that you've done it wrong. Some grids have energy more compressed into itself, others have massive energy that extend a few feet or more outward. As long as you are having fun, and trusting yourself, everything is as it's meant to be. 

Grids can be done inside, or outside. They can be done on a table, on the ground, and on sacred cloths. Grids can be immediately taken down, left for days, or left forever. What is important is that you give thanks and gratitude for all cooperative energies before taking down the grid. Thank the Universe, thank the Goddess, thank the God(s), the Creator, Allah, Buddah, or your Spirit/Animal guides. A simple heartfelt thank you is perfect. You may also choose to leave food offerings, tobacco, crystals to the elementals (who seem to want to be mentioned here), or leave a few coins, or feathers. Your way is the right way for you. Have fun with this, experiment and see what feels right for you. Please don't ever be afraid of not getting it right. It's all about your intention and this is your experience. We believe in you, and we would love to see photos of any grids that you decide to create. Thanks for taking your precious moments and tuning in. Blessings and Blessings and Blessings sent your way. C 


(Links to gridding stones in our store can be found in the description of the stones. Not all links are active as we are currently restocking our store. Stay tuned. )

Sphere - Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)

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