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Live Sale Rules

Live Sale Rules and FAQ   By participating in Live Sales you are agreeing to all of these rules: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you comment "SOLD"...

Abundance and Prosperity Grid || Perfect for the New Moon (A How We Do It Guide)

Who among us doesn't dream of having abundance and prosperity in our lives? Abundance grids are one of the most requested grid layouts out there. On top of that, the new moon is a sort of energetic doorway for manifesting your dreams. It is a time for setting intentions, for fresh starts, and new beginnings. It is also a time to focus on visions that you might have for your future. Using the energy of the New Moon, you can plant seeds of intention into your life, and watch those bloom throughout the following moon cycles. When you design these grids, you are aligning your intention with the universe, and sending a message to the Universe and your subconscious mind that you are open and receptive to receiving abundance!

An Introduction & Invitation

An Introduction & Invitation

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and my shop, to the community. We are a crystal curio purveyor and herbal apothecary located in Gree...

A note on sourcing and growing your own herbals

A note on sourcing and growing your own herbals

I was working on some herbal product last month, and one of the herbs I was using was Rosemary.  I went to my herbal cabinet and pulled out my jar ...

Moon Magick Crystals has officially launched

Today is a beautiful day! We just officially launched our new independent webpage at www.MoonMagickCrystals.com. There you can find all of our beau...